Zeiss to Buy Stake in Leica?

Zeiss has made waves in the past few years after a successful collaboration with Nokia which completely changed the way cameras are used in phones. Now, the company may be looking to expand by purchasing a forty-five percent stake in the company Leica that is currently on offer.

This forty-five percent stake is being sold by its current owners, Blackstone Investments, and according to a report by Reuters, both Zeiss and Huawei look to be interested. One interesting development is that Zeiss would be willing to buy the shares, which are collectively worth about 375 million dollars, only if they can buy six percent more to obtain majority ownership of the company.

This poses a problem because the majority share is currently owned by the Kaufmann family who owns the remaining fifty-five percent of the company. It is unlikely that the family would want to part with their majority ownership of Leica, so for the moment the negotiations are at a standstill. It is important to note that bidding has not yet begun, so it is possible that these reports would end up not going anywhere.

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