Canons New Lenses May Change The World of Cameras Entirely

Canon has not always been at the forefront of innovation. Indeed, some of its competitors have far and away been its superiors in terms of creating groundbreaking new technology that pushed the boundaries of photography. The reason for this is that Canon has always focused on its bodies while resting on their laurels when it came to lenses. This is apparently going to change, with the latest batch of lenses Canon is releasing purported to be incredibly innovative in their design.

One of the new lenses that Canon will be releasing is L-quality, much like the eighty-five millimeter f/1.2L, except this one would have a wider aperture. This lens, dubbed the Canon EF 85mm, would be used to complement the narrower aperture lens, allowing for much more detailed pictures to be taken. Apart from this new lens, we can expect some updates to the TS-E 45mm f/2.8 and TS-E 90mm f/2.8 lenses. This update is a long time coming; both of these lenses are rather obsolete when you compare them to L class lenses available nowadays after all. One can assume based on this information that Canon is trying to streamline its collection of lenses and offer them at the best price possible.

We are now heading into territory that people are genuinely interested in: the actually innovative stuff. According to the rumors and reports that are circling the web nowadays, this new lens is going to be a tilt shift lens. It is possible that it would possess macro capabilities built into a TS-E 135mm body with an aperture of f/2.8L. This is a pretty heavy duty lens the macro photographers from around the world would be itching to try out. It remains to be seen if the aperture and magnification would result in top notch picture quality, but whatever the case may be it is important to note that this product is likely to be a game changer for Canon if nothing else, helping the company burst its way back into relevance and cementing its place as one of the top lens and camera manufacturers in the world.

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