A Major Issue With The New Nikon Cameras

There are a number of members of the photographer community that love using Nikon cameras. This company has been at the forefront of innovation in the world of photography for some time now, and many have always appreciated how their cameras managed to amalgamate traditional digital camera technology with other, more modern technological innovations.

That being said, the newer Nikon cameras have a serious problem with them, one that cannot be overlooked. This issue concerns the WiFi capabilities of these cameras. Essentially, when you use a Nikon camera, you would be able to use WiFi only if you are using the SnapBridge app. If you try to use any other apps the WiFi feature would be automatically turned off.

This is highly inconvenient for some photographers who rely on third party applications to produce a finished product. Certain specialized forms of photography such as macro photography need third party apps to be viable. By cutting photographers off from such tools, Nikon is making it harder for them to create their art.

This is particularly frustrating because it comes during a time of increasingly isolationist technological policies. Nikon’s WiFi restrictions are an attempt to force photographers to use SnapBridge, but in doing so the company has taken a side in this ongoing debate, and unfortunately, it is not currently on the side of the photographers.

There is a chance that this was not intentional, and that Nikon users are only experiencing a glitch that can be fixed with an update. Either way, the creator of popular timelapse software LRTimelapse Gunther Wegner has written an extensive article about this lack of compatibility. The photographic community is using said article as a rallying point to potentially get Nikon’s attention and have them fix this problem.

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